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Chief John E. Cowan

Chief of Police

Jeanne Bennett

Administrative Secretary


Sergeant Steven Brown

Patrol Supervisor / Media Officer

Sergeant Detective Scott Allen

Detective Division Supervisor

Sergeant Michael McLaughlin

 Patrol Supervisor / Range Officer

Sergeant Paul O'Brien

Patrol Supervisor / Training Officer

Sergeant William Patterson

Patrol Supervisor/ Traffic Unit

Sergeant Michael Jenkins

Patrol Supervisor / IT Officer

Sergeant Thomas Flint

 Patrol Supervisor / Semlec


Detective John Grillo

Detective Division

Officer Joel Silva


Detective David Perrault

Detective Division

Officer Carlos Oliveira

Patrol / Motorcycle Unit

Officer Antonio M. Ferreira


Officer Richard Eldredge

Patrol / C.V.E.

Officer Dennis Andre

 Patrol / Semlec

Officer Mark Harvey

Patrol / D.A.R.E. / S.R.O.

Officer Peter Belmore

Court Prosecutor

Officer Christopher Correia


  Officer Tallitha Connor


    Officer Tim O'Sullivan


 Officer Ryan Cramer



    Officer Michael Signori 

Permanent Intermittent

    Officer Robert Lang        

Permanent Intermittent

   Officer Daniel Schwemin

Permanent Intermittent

    Officer A.J. Voisine 

Permanent Intermittent

   Officer  Michael Curtin

Permanent Intermittent
           Officer Mark Ferreira

Permanent Intermittent

 Officer Dean Lucier

Permanent Intermittent


  Michael Curtin

Civilian Dispatcher 12 - 8

John Curley

Civilian Dispatcher 8 - 4

John Smith

Civilian Dispatcher 4-12

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East Bridgewater Police Department

153 Central Street
PO Box 475
East Bridgewater,
MA 02333

Business 508-378-7223

Fax 508-378-7225

Detective Division

Emergencies Dial  911