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Motorcycle Unit

The East Bridgewater Police Motorcycle Unit utilizes Harley Davidson Road King Classic Police Package Motorcycles.  The motorcycle units are assigned to routine patrol, traffic enforcement and are utilized for all Town functions, parades, road races, etc.

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ATV Unit

The East Bridgewater Police ATV Unit consists of two quad ATV's, an off -road motorcycle, and a six wheel ATV.  The Officer's that are assigned to this Unit have been Certified by the M.C.J.T.C. in All Terrain Vehicles. 

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Bicycle Unit

     The East Bridgewater Police Mountain Bike Unit was established by acquiring State and Federal Grant money, to start a Police Community Orientated Policing Program. By doing this, and since then, the Mt. Bike Program has been a huge success within the community. The Mt. Bikes are being used for Town functions, parades, crowd control, etc. where the police officer can patrol and prevent, and at the same time, be closer to the people to interact, and of course stay in shape.

     The Bicycle Patrol Police Officers have been through training and certified through the C.O.B.W.E.B. Program. This means: "Cops On Bikes With Educated Bicyclists".  This type of patrol becomes highly effective. The police officer can dismount the bike at anytime, and pedal throughout the neighborhoods, plaza's, condominium's/apartment complex's, and off road paths. By doing this. the police officer is getting in shape, but also using their 4 senses: seeing all around you, hearing, smelling and feeling the environment around them. Here is where the officer can observe a lot of things that he or she cannot in the police cruiser. Also, the officer is closer to the people, where the sense of community interaction takes place with the public. This is also a good role model for the children in the town. Police on bikes can educate the safety aspects of bicycle safety and educate them how the police officer uses his bike on the job.

     Again, this is a growing program and we are always finding new ways to enhance this type of policing. The trend is catching on to surrounding towns. They see how the program works and then they implement it themselves. Check us out while we are on the streets, we will be glad to say hi!

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit

    The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit has been in existence since 1998. Since the inception of this unit East Bridgewater has witnessed a dramatic decline in commercial vehicle violations. The main objective of this unit is SAFETY. Unfortunately over 5,000 people die on the nation's roadways every year in commercial motor vehicle accidents. This number appears to be climbing. Hopefully with the commercial vehicle enforcement unit we can help to keep East Bridgewater a safe place to drive.

Cruiser Technology

East Bridgewater Police Department Cruisers are equipped with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Computers enabling officers to access the In-house database, Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS), State Registry of Motor Vehicles, National Law Enforcement Telecommunications network and the National Criminal Information Computer (NCIC) controlled by the FBI. These queries provide warrant information, driver's license information, vehicle registrations, stolen vehicle information, etc.


East Bridgewater Police Patrol Rifles 

Colt AR-15


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